Executive Services and Facilitations 

In business since 2012, Schue Consulting works with organizations in capacity building projects unique to their mission and vision. At its heart, Schue Consulting is in the business of facilitation. Schue will meet with a group and work alongside them to assess their goals and desired outcome, gearing the work to match identified needs. Schue consulting will complete short-term projects: a grant application or strategic plan or larger-scale projects: the planning and implementation of a new program or ongoing work in communications, fundraising, or organizational development.


Schue Consulting

  • understands how project funding works and takes projects from the planning phase through fundraising campaigns, project implementation, and donor recognition/final reporting.
  • works with diverse groups and facilitates meetings where all voices come to a table and find resolution and strength for the next stages of work.
  • offers an outside look at organizational systems, strengths and challenges and assists in planning for capacity building based on the uniqueness of an organization.

The work of Schue Consulting

Laura Schue - Principal

Laura is a collaborative professional with a master’s degree in counseling psychology and a background in education, behavioral health, group facilitation and grants. Her work brings constructive energy to build up individuals, groups, organizations, and systems, whether through working with individuals in executive consultation, building an organization’s capacity with strategic planning facilitation, or assisting with program development and grants around new programs. She has an eye for the forest AND the trees, paying close attention to the big picture while keeping the details aligned.


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