Executive Services:

Program development

Does your organization have a plan for the development of new programs? Is the program you’re considering part of the strategic plan or driven by a grant opportunity? Is the new program meant to be long-term? Will it address a current need in your community? What will the funding look like during the first several years?


The development of new programs with Schue Consulting begins with key questions. Collaborative program development work includes a full range of goals, objectives, activities, timelines, and funding. Through the model of community needs assessments, stakeholders and interested supporters are identified.

Mission/Vision and Strategic planning

Is your work aligned with your mission? Do you have a vision for your organization that drives you toward excellence? Is your Strategic Plan current, and do you utilize it in your everyday operations?


Schue Consulting has facilitated strategic planning and stakeholder discussions individually and in consulting teams since 2012. Strategic planning for organizations is a layered process involving individual conversations, system mapping, group goal-setting and buy-in to move the active plan forward. Strategic planning sessions offer an opportunity to step away from the daily work of an organization to gain that view necessary for invigoration in your field. Sessions will build from organizational strengths, incorporate opportunities for learning about the best functioning work of nonprofit boards, and bring to light issues that have become or are becoming obstacles to excellent work. And the planning itself can be fun and engaging, allowing your board to come together around a common task!


Meetings can be in-person or virtual. Planning is inclusive and begins with organizational assessment. The final document will include plans for follow-up allowing the work to continue after the planning sessions end.


Does your organization have a strategy for communications? Is the Communications Plan being implemented as written, with consistency and attention to audience? Consistent, high quality communications are the expectation in today's world. Being clear about your message, sharing your stories, and using the narrative as a tool for your work are essential to an organization’s ability to keep up with the community in which we live.


In Schue Consulting communications work essential content, excellent grammar, utilization of marketing concepts, and more go into each communication. Annual or semi-annual letters to constituents/clients, social media postings, newsletters, website updates, and press releases are considered communications.

Grant work

Please see the sections on Grant Management page for specifics on services and experience working in the grant/foundation world.